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Established in 2005, Toronto Hapkido Academy is a family-oriented martial arts club; offering world class programs in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Hapkido, and Age-appropriate kids and youth classes in a positive, safe, and beginner-friendly environment.

A Guide for the White Belt Martial Artist

Beginning a journey of martial arts can be both exciting and overwhelming. Below are some basic tips for getting started in your hapkido training.1. How to Tie Your BeltWearing a hapkido belt tied around your waist might seem like a huge hassle at first. Maybe at the end of a drill you find the belt [...]

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Understanding the ABCs of Food Cravings

Whether it’s snacking on chips while watching TV, that tub of ice cream that empties just a bit too quickly, or an impulsive trip to McDonald’s, we all enjoy guilty pleasures. Although your favourite unhealthy foods can easily tempt you, understanding the ABCs of food cravings can help you crush cravings before they get [...]

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4 Ways to Get Back into Your Workout Routine After a Long Break

You may remember a time when you were in pretty good shape. You did all the right things. You exercised a few times a week. You ate right. You got enough rest. You felt great. But then life got in the way. Maybe work got overwhelming. Maybe you got sick or injured. Maybe you had [...]

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A Guide to a Nutritious Breakfast on the Go

Mornings are busy. Making sure you get your breakfast in before school or work can be a challenge. Many argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Regardless, building a healthy breakfast habit is possible with proper planning. Here are some tips to help make your breakfasts both nutritious and convenient. 1. [...]

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Summertime has come to an end and with that comes all of the back to school anxiety and jitters that are common amongst children. Your child may experience common physical effects of anxiety associated with back to school time including symptoms from stomach aches to sleeping problems :) With that said, it important for [...]

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Tip #2: Put your child on a brain-strengthening diet. Not all diets are for weight loss. Even children that have great athletic physiques are susceptible to the after-effects of poor eating habits, including fatigue, anxiety, poor concentration, and mood swings. You can help your children feel better each school day simply by adjusting their [...]

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Understanding martial arts rank progression.

Martial Arts Rank Requirements: The journey to black belt starts with a determination to see it through. It is important for martial artists of all levels to have a framework of what needs to be achieve in other to move up to the next level. As the saying goes... a goal without a plan [...]

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How to Build Better Martial Arts Technique for Practical Applications

Improving Martial Arts Technique. It is true that practicing your Martial Arts basics over and over will help develop strong technique and good skill. But rehearsing isolated self defense techniques only takes you so far. The reality is... your ability to combine them into functional combinations increases success in real-time applications. It's like working [...]

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What to Do in an Active-Shooter Situation in Toronto

Responding to an active-shooter situation is an uncomfortable subject that we need to address objectively and sensibly, given the recent mass shootings across the globe. As a Toronto Martial Arts school, we believe it’s wrong to feed into fear-mongering and the opportunist agendas that mislead members of our Toronto communities and potentially put people [...]

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