Korean Jiu-Jitsu School.

Jiu jitsu school Toronto North York location with beginner-friendly classes for women and men.

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Korean Jiu Jitsu School.

Evoke Martial Arts & Kickboxing is a Korean Jiu Jitsu school Toronto, offering classes for adults and kids.

Now, here’s the thing, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School Toronto is what some today commonly think of martial arts training. Martial arts has come a long way, especially with the popularity of Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling events in the media.

The real strength in our classes is not in what styles we teach but how we teach them.

Why not break out of a dull rountine?

Experience a Korean Jiu-jitsu School with classes geared to the adult who is looking for a rewarding experience in the Martial Arts, while increasing their fitness, flexibility and knowledge of self-defense.

How is Korean Jiu Jitsu different from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

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Powerful strikes & Kicking techniques.

Kicking and punching techniques also help strenghten and develop lean muscle.

As you practice your techniques  you are simultaneously conditioning your body for functional strength.

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Quick throws & effortless takedowns.

Hapkido has beautiful arsenal of moves to cleverly redirect an attackers force and use it against them.

Because some of these techniques require building a level of agility and athletism, it invariably also helps you improve on your  cardio.

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Ground escapes and sneaky submissions.

This martial art places emphasis on using your body’s natural instincts for self protection.

You will learn how to follow up a takedown or defend yourself on the ground if you fall.

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Traditional and Improvised Weapons.

Carrying a weapon around is illegal and one might say socially irresponsible.

But Hapkido teaches the use of everyday tools and objects in your surrounding as a weapon.

“The Toronto Hapkido Academy has been a truly wonderful experience. As an adult engaging in martial arts for the first time, the environment has been ideal. All of the instructors have been motivating, knowledgeable, and supportive. The classes offer a great workout and a chance to feel a little bit badass. I look forward to continuing the journey!”

~ Caitlin

Tap into your ultimate potential while getting in great shape, having fun, and gaining new skills.

Hapkido: Korean Jiu Jitsu School Toronto North York

jiu jitsu school toronto

The word Jiu Jitsu means “Soft” or “Supple” skills in Japanese. While both arts’ lineage can be traced to Japan, they each have clearly different emphasis in their skill sets.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today is one of the most popular martial arts for its formidability in ground fighting. Korean Jiu Jitsu balances stand-up self techniques with fundamental self defense skills when you happen to be on the ground.

Since its inception in Korea in the 1950s, it has evolved into what we now know as Hapkido in mordern times.

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Although some of the techniques you will learn are similar to moves you might see in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, Submission wrestling, Sambo, etc, our classes also offers a more holistic approach to martial arts training.

As a Korean Jiu Jitsu School, we are committed to help students achieve their personal best with classes that test their physical and mental boundaries, while gaining functional skills in a fun, safe, and beginner-friendly environment.

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Hapkido is a progressive Korean martial arts system that evolved from Japanese jiu jitsu.

Classes are structured to help members take their training to another level regardless of experience. Our programs help students achieve their personal best by learning how to test their physical and mental boundaries.

Our submission grappling classes are geared towards members looking for a rewarding experience in the Martial Arts, while increasing their fitness, cultivating an unshakable will, and gaining self defence skills.

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Evoke Martial Arts happens to be the only Gongkwon Yusul affiliate clubs in the Greater Toronto Area, and one of the few in the province. We offer a comprehensive martial arts program in a fun, safe, non-competitive, and supportive environment for men and women.

If you live in or around Yonge-Eglinton, Leaside, Don Mills, Davisville, Bayview Village, East York, Yonge-Sheppard, or North York, you are close enough to come train at our school. Contact us today to schedule a trial class. You’ll love what we do!

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