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The School.

Established in 2005, T.H.A Martial Arts (Toronto Hapkido Academy) started out from a tiny dance studio with 3 students with a passion for martial arts. As our family grew, we moved locations, subletting from various studios, until we found our permanent home in Leaside in 2008.

We have grown into a family-oriented martial arts club located in the Bayview-Eglinton area of East York Toronto.

We are committed to offering industry-leading Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Hapkido classes to adults, teens, and kids.

Who We Are.

We are a nurturing community dedicated to empowering human potential to help unleash the greatness within you through the martial arts.

As a martial arts school we believe in fostering a community where people are inspired to better their lives, live healthier, and strive for success within a positive, safe, and inclusive learning environment.

What sets us apart is not so much of the types or “styles” of martial arts we teach, but “how” we teach them. Our community is made up of “ordinary” people who are empowered and equiped for “extra ordinary” achievements.

From our youngest Lil’ Dragon, to our adult Hapkido or Kickboxing classes – we are committed to making everyone’s experience the best.

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Our Lineage.

Toronto Hapkido Academy is also part of an innovative and progressive network of professional schools in the international martial arts community.

In martial arts, lineage is important. We have a lineage with a rich history, part of a legacy rooted in traditional martial arts, and a reputation that transcends the skills or individual achievements of our instructor team. We are collectively part of much bigger martial arts family.

The school is an affiliate of the Korea Hapkido Federation (KHF) – the largest and perhaps most recognized international governing body for the martial art – and a branch school of the Kyung Mu Kwan Hapkido system.

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About Hapkido.

Kyung Mu Kwan Hapkido is headed by Grandmaster Kim, Nam Jai who is based in Seoul, South Korea. Kyung Mu Hapkido is a classical form of the art, with a progressive approach that is grounded in functional applications.

The lineage of Kyung Mu dates back to the late 50s, and one of the orginal Kwans (martial arts family) of the old Korea Hapkido Association.

Grandmaster Kim (9th Dan) is one of the few actively teaching, second generation Hapkido masters, a former adviser to the KHF (Korea Hapkido Federation) technical committee, and one of Korea’s most respected Hapkido Grandmasters.

Our head instructor, Dayo Odesanya (5th Dan), has been a student of his since the early 2000s; and currently the Kyung Mu representative in Canada.

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About Muay Thai.

T.H.A Martial Arts is a licensed affiliate of the Kru Muay Thai Association. The association is headed by Kru Ace Ramirez, a student of Kru Vut Kamnark and the late Alex Gong.

Master Ace was formerly a North East Region representative for the Fairtex Muay Thai camp based out of San Fransisco, and currently oversees the Muay Thai training at T.H.A Martial Arts.

Our head coaches at the school are currently level 2 trainers within the Kru Muay Thai system.

The Kru Muay Thai program is an authentic system that includes a progressive rank curriculum, cutting edge workouts, technical skill development, and ring-ready applications. Our training is well-organized to be safe, progressively challenging, and lots of fun.

Although the school is not home to many Muay Thai champions, we offer a unique, beginner-friendly, and fresh approach to one of the world’s most respected striking arts.

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Our Community.

T.H.A Martial Arts has been a member of the Leaside Community since 2008. We are humbled to be a favourite in our neighbourhood, and often refered to as one of the city’s best martial arts academys for age-appropriate instruction.

Our core values reflect what is truly important to us – a commitment to serve the community, creating an environment where people are inspired to better themselves, and embracing progressive teaching methods that are safe, empowering, and result-driven.

We work our hardest to help our members achieve the goals they are working towards. Everything about the school is organized to be like a second home for members.

From regular in-house events and community workshops, to local sponsorships and partnerships with elementary schools and local businesses, we have a genuine passion to serve our community.

Our Classes.

With over 15 years teaching experience, our vast knowledge of training methods and teaching styles come to life in high energy classes designed with time tested systems that make the Toronto Hapkido Academy one of the premiere martial arts clubs in the city.

Martial arts offers amazing life changing benefits, and more than just self protection or amazing fitness – it is a path of self-discovery – and we appreciate you for the opportunity to share some of those benefits with you.

We offer exciting adults and kids programs, and one of our specialties is teaching children martial arts at an age-appropriate level.

Although our core curriculum is rooted in traditional Hapkido and Muay Thai, we also continually seek new and progressive ways to share the benefits of our disciplines.

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Got Questions?

Give us a call: (416)440-2828

We are happy to assist with your questions and help get you started with one of our awesome classes.