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Events at T.H.A Martial Arts school in Toronto
We love to have fun… so there’s always something exciting happening at the school.

Team T.H.A in South Korea

We recently had a few members of our Toronto Hapkido school visit our parent school in South Korea for some Hapkido training under Grandmaster Kim, Nam Jai.T.H.A Martial Arts & Kickboxing is an affiliate of the Kyung Mu Hapkido Federation based in South Korea. The association is headed by renowned 9th Degree Hapkido Grandmaster, Kim [...]

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2015 Black Belt Test

Heartfelt congratulations to these amazing individuals who chose to undertake the extraordinary and inspirational Journey towards achieving Black Belt rank in Hapkido. The event was extra special because the evaluation was conducted by our Head Master - Grandmaster Kim, Nam Jae. We also had in attendance two visiting senior Masters from our Hapkido Federation [...]

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  • Toronto Muay Thai class for beginners

Muay Thai Rank Graduations

T.H.A Martial Arts had a Kru Muay Thai rank evaluation on Saturday June 27th for some of our adult Muay Thai members. We are so proud of everyone who recently graduated for an amazing performance and a job well done. The test lasted for a little over 90 minutes, starting with an outdoor run, followed by material [...]

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2015 Easter Egg Hunt Party Was Amazing!

On April 6th we hosted an Egg Hunt Party at the wholesale jerseys school world! for cheap jerseys kids in the Leaside community. We had a lot of fun and were really humbled by the Buy huge turn out for the event. wholesale mlb jerseys Between the egg hunt in the maze and the dozens [...]

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