Fitness Kickboxing classes North York and Toronto.

Evoke’s kickboxing classes North York studio in Toronto will help you break some serious sweat. The only total-body workout you will ever need to get in the absolute best shape of your life. Bring your sweat rag… you are going to need it.

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Evoke’s fitness kickboxing classes offer a powerful symphony of time-efficient workouts, upbeat training methods, and kickboxing fun.

Super charged fitness kickboxing classes North York and Toronto workouts for a stronger and leaner you!

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Schedule of Kickboxing Classes:

First time kickboxing?

FOR $35

Our fitness kickboxing classes offer a calorie burning workout like no other!

Finding a suitable workout for getting in great shape can be really challenging with so many types of kickboxing classes and gyms in North York and Toronto.

It’s even harder if your workouts aren’t giving you the type of excitement you crave.

Evoke challenges the typical gym experience by offering an upbeat, results-driven, fitness kickboxing workout that is addictively fun.

What makes the fitness kickboxing program at Evoke Martial Arts different?

First of all, we are experts at what we do.

Our instructors are actual kickboxers with a wealth of experience in personal training.

We focus on providing a challenging workout that incorporates the most efficient interval training methods blended with kickboxing moves.

Secondly, there is no fighting or contact.

In fact, the only feeling of “getting hit” you’ll experience is from the calories you’re burning off. 🙂

All aspects of our fitness kickboxing workout is designed with our members in mind.

We train as a team, workout like a family.

We are a community that is family-like, inclusive, and safe.

It doesn’t matter if you a new to exercises or a seasoned triathlete. Our kickboxing classes North York Toronto program has something for everyone.

“I started in the fitness kickboxing classes and never looked back. From someone who had never done workouts and always hated exercise, I highly recommend this school. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, welcoming, and encouraging to all of their members, some of which have been coming to the gym for over 10 years!

After almost a year of of the kickboxing classes, I started taking their Muay Thai classes as well, which I enjoy even more.”

“I have been attending T.H.A. kickboxing classes North York fitness gym for about three months now, and never once did i not look forward to coming to class! It is a great place to learn martial arts or just to be more active and surrounded by positive people.

This might look scary and intimidating when watched, but it is actually very enjoyable. From the way the class is designed, and the instructors, to the attending members, it makes you want to better yourself and not slack.”

“Want to spend more time with your spouse and get in the best shape of life well this is the place for you, the staff is friendly, helpful and will motivate you.

Just want to thank the staff in the kickboxing classes for helping us improve our way of life.”


“Best Kickboxing classes ever! The classes are always diferente and challenging. You always leave feeling strong and empowered.

Love the staff!!!!

My 5 year old daughter is a Little Dragon and she is always looking forward to her next Hapkido class! Love they teach her discipline, focus and respect.”

“Over the years I’ve had trouble keeping with a consistent workout routine. With kickboxing classes North York program at Toronto Hapkito Academy, I’m always motivated to show up to class!”


First time kickboxing?

FOR $35

The best fitness kickboxing classes with the most fun workouts in North York Toronto – hands down!

Kickboxing Classes Schedule:

Not ready to glove up yet? That’s ok.

You can request to learn more about Evoke’s muay thai classes. We’ll follow up with information on class times, membership options, and any trial promos we are running.

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Got Kickboxing Questions ?

Give us a call: (416)440-2828

We are happy to assist with your questions and help get you started with one of our awesome classes.

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