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Kickboxing for teenagers in exciting, safe, beginner-friendly classes that keep teens coming back.
Find out why we are one of uptown Toronto’s best martial arts program for teenagers.

Kickboxing for teenagers - T.H.A Martial Arts (near Bayview-Eglinton)
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kickboxing for teenagers

kickboxing for youth

Martial Arts and Kickboxing For Teenagers Ages 13 to 17.
An exciting blend the self defense, muay thai, Korean jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing for teens.

Kickboxing for teenagers.

We put our best efforts in creating an exciting teen program with teenagers in mind.

As educators, we know teenagers are not interested in boring martial arts classes with no functional or age-appropriate training. That is why we put our younger kids in seperate classes and created one just for teens.

It’s no secret that kickboxing is a hot buzz word out there – but our teen classes offer more than just “kickboxing”.

T.H.A Martial Arts offers an industry-leading program that blends the best of multiple disciplines into a well-organized curriculum.

The best Self Defense and Kickboxing for Teenagers in uptown Toronto.

Kickboxing for teenagers

Why Martial Arts & Kickboxing for Teenagers at T.H.A?

First, we offer an action-packed teen self defense curriculum that is teaches you how to protect yourself in any situation.

In addition to this, you will also enjoy exciting, sweat-pouring, and empowering workouts that will certainly keep you coming back.

Second, every lesson is safe, beginner-friendly, and taught by a charismatic team of caring instructors.

Third, our kickboxing for teenagers is about non-violence and controlled aggression. That is because we also embrace traditional martial arts values such as humility, respect, discipline, and self-control.

Our commitment is helping teenagers become better versions of themselves through martial arts. Give us a try… you’ll love what we do.

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Get in great shape and learn a powerful self defense system with
T.H.A’s martial arts and kickboxing for teenagers.

Kickboxing for teenagers

T.H.A Martial Arts & Kickboxing (Toronto Hapkido Academy)’s provides an exciting, non-intimidating, and empowering program for teenagers ages 13 through 17.

Furthermore, the classes are fun, safe, beginner-friendly, and the coolest part is that you don’t need any experience to get started.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn self defense, or seasoned athlete interested in kickboxing for teenagers – our team is happy to guide you each step of the way.

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