Do you find yourself struggling for time to commit to exercise? Many stay at home parents feel the same. It can be very difficult balancing family life and your own health. Here are 3 easy ways you can get the most out of your time at home with the kids!

1. The stroller is your friend.
Have you ever seen the gang of moms walking down the sidewalk with strollers and they are decked out in workout gear looking like they are about to run a marathon? Well… they got it right!

moms fitness workouts

Make the most of that stroller and go on regular walks, maybe even runs (as long as you have an appropriate stroller to accommodate) and shed that excess weight!

Make sure you are wearing comfortable cloths and have enough water to keep you really hydrated. Don’t forget to ensure the baby is just as comfortable.

Do you have older children? No problem! You can bike. It’s great exercise and will definitely have your kids engaged. If your child is not comfortable biking, try a bike trailer. It’s lots of fun for your child and you will definitely have your own cheerleader keeping you motivated!

2. Do you like to lift?
Kids can be a great substitution for dumbbells. If you are parent to a baby, try doing some squats as you hold them out with your arms. You will spend countless moments giggling with your baby and may not even realize you are getting a great workout!

If your child is older, try doing the same squats while you give them a piggyback. You can even try running uphill and doing some lunges. Just make sure you have a soft surface to land on! It’s a great way to bond and introduce them to exercise early on.

3. Games can be more than just games…
Stop by the playground and do more than just sit and watch. Play and run. You will get surprised how exhausting it is trying to keep up with kids!

Jungle gyms aren’t only for kids; they can be a great way for you to build upper body strength. Plus, you can try experimenting with the bars and see if you can do some pull-ups. Just make sure you pace yourself so you don’t injure.

Compete with you child and race them! Find a big open field and try sprinting. You will find yourself winded by the end of it!

If you have younger kids, trying playing with them on the ground. Get them to chase you as you both crawl around the house. It may seem silly but it definitely beats sitting on the couch!