Kickboxing Toronto classes near Bayview-Eglinton (east of Yonge Street) with upbeat workouts that keep you coming back.

kickboxing Toronto gym with the best workout that’s not just a calorie-burning exercise…
but an all-out assault on stubborn body-fat!

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Sign up now for our fitness kickboxing web special or contact us to schedule a drop-in class – (416)440-2828.

Experience an upbeat fitness kickboxing Toronto workout that will keep you coming back!

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We know it too!

Finding the motivation to get in great shape with a kickboxing Toronto class that is boring and repetitive is really difficult.

The fitness kickboxing Toronto classes at T.H.A Martial Arts on Bayview is uniquely different. You will enjoy an upbeat, sweat-pouring, total-body workout that will help shred off those last few pounds.

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Kickboxing Toronto classes with a difference.

We focus on one thing above anything else – getting you in AMAZING shape!

There is no fighting or getting hit in your classes. In fact, the only feeling of “getting hit” you’ll experience is the calories you’re burning off every class.

Exciting, results-driven, beginner-friendly kickboxing Toronto classes for men and women.

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We’re all in this together.

Our community is something that sets us apart from many cardio kickboxing Toronto gyms.

We have a kind, supportive, and family-like environment that makes working out even more fun.

You will never feel isolated, slanted, or put down at T.H.A Martial Arts.

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A here-to-there workout plan.

We committed all efforts in making our kickboxing Toronto classes fun, functional, and fresh each time you attend.

Add all that to hitting a punching bag, with real boxing gloves, and you’re in for the most exciting calorie burning workout ever.

womens kickboxing toronto

No hype. Just results.

T.H.A’s kickboxing Toronto classes are carefully designed to be functional, result-driven, and will certainly keep you coming back.

Give your workout a makeover and take your fitness training to new heights.

You’ll love what we do!

A super-charged kickboxing Toronto workout for a leaner and stronger you!

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