Martial Arts 101

Martial Arts 101.

Whether you are a beginner simply interested in a recreational activity, or a athlete with previous experience looking to get back into something new and exciting. Martial arts has something unique to offer everyone.  Gain useful insights and training tips that will help achieve your goals and take your martial arts journey to new levels.

  • how to escape standing headlock

How to Escape Standing Side Headlock

It goes without saying that the best way to escape a standing side headlock, or any tackle hold, is to not get into one in the first place. While there are countless martial arts moves and variations of self defense techniques to defend against headlocks, it is important that the Hapkido student tries to [...]

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How to count in Korean

Counting in Korean. The Korean language is not as challenging to learn when compared to Cantonese, Madarin, or Japanese. Learning to count in Korean is also quite simple. The first step is learn how to count to 10. 1 하나 (Hana or Hah nah) 2 둘 (Dul or Dool) 3 셋 (Set or Seht) [...]

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  • white belt hapkido

A Guide for the White Belt Martial Artist

Beginning a journey of martial arts can be both exciting and overwhelming. Below are some basic tips for getting started in your hapkido training. 1. How to Tie Your Belt Wearing a hapkido belt tied around your waist might seem like a huge hassle at first. Maybe at the end of a drill you [...]

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How to Build Better Martial Arts Technique for Practical Applications

Improving Martial Arts Technique. It is true that practicing your Martial Arts basics over and over will help develop strong technique and good skill. But rehearsing isolated self defense techniques only takes you so far. The reality is... your ability to combine them into functional combinations increases success in real-time applications. It's like working [...]

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  • self defence class in Toronto

17 Hapkido Moves in 90 Seconds

Hapkido (which originally evolved from Japanese Jiu-jitsu) is comprehensive self defence system that forges effortless throws and take-downs, skillful joint manipulation, with devastating strikes and kicks into a cohesive system of self defense. Hapkido is a beautiful and dynamic martial art. At Toronto Hapkido Academy, a we offer a progressive and functional approach to [...]

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