It goes without saying that the best way to escape a standing side headlock, or any tackle hold, is to not get into one in the first place.

While there are countless martial arts moves and variations of self defense techniques to defend against headlocks, it is important that the Hapkido student tries to prevent getting pinned in the first place.

A standing headlock is a common attack in self defense, so here are some quick and effective Hapkido technique variations of how to escape from this attack.

Self defense moves from a standing headlock is one of the first moves a beginner Hapkido students learns at our Toronto martial arts school.

how to escape a standing side headlock

Hapkido emphasizes the use of leverage, timing, and misdirections to offset an opponents balance and turn it against them in self defense.

The skills taught are functional, easy to apply, and effective regardless of one’s size. Hapkido is a martial art that is great for men and women self defense alike.

In this instructional video Master Dayo Odesanya, our head instructor, goes over the details on how to escape a standing side headlock attack using basic Hapkido techniques.