It is said that a journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step. The white belt rank is believed to be the most important Hapkido rank because it sets a solid foundation for your martial arts journey.

Hapkido is a beautiful and gracefully rich Korean Martial Art of Self Defense, there is also so much to learn with a lot to remember as you progress through the ranks.

A common challenge in the beginning is trying to grasp how the material you are learning fits into the bigger picture of self protection, or how you may be use it in a “practical” situation. Our approach at T.H.A Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Toronto, is give you one snap shot at a time.

Teaser Video of Hapkido White Belt Requirements
(IOS & Android App Coming Soon)

Martial arts training is like watching a movie, and then pausing it on an HD screen.

The frame on the screen is merely a snapshot from the movie. You’re able to observe, analyze, and take it all in at your own pace. The snap short tells it’s own story, but its only a fraction of the whole movie.

Piece by piece it will make more sense with every class you attend.

Get it?

So… enjoy the journey. Take it slow, pace yourself, and ask questions. We have lots of tools to help you along the way.

The Hapkido Video App will be released soon, so you’ll have something handy to review when you’re not in class. Remember… we’re in your corner 🙂