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Discover how to take your kickboxing game to new levels. Learn and share tips on and off the mats that will help you reach your training goals.

5 Game-Changing Reasons You Need to Show Up for That Workout You Feel Like Skipping

Occasionally there’s that day when you’d rather do anything but exercise. Maybe you didn’t go to bed early enough the night before or maybe you had a draining day at work—maybe both. Whatever the case, the prospect of a workout seems daunting to you.Don’t you deserve a break? Maybe. However, there’s a lot to be [...]

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Ditch That Workout: 6 Signs It’s Not Working Out

When it comes to exercise, we can be pretty set in our ways. We often pick a workout and stick to it for a long time. This is good, we think, because consistency and dedication are important. However, results are important too, and certain workout plans are great for some people but aren’t so [...]

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10 Essential Tips for Holding Pads

Training in Muay Thai and kickboxing would be difficult for novices and even advanced trainees if it weren’t for pad holders. Pad drills allow for the development of both offensive and defensive skills, and for those still building on the fundamentals, they are a way to improve skills before moving on to more advanced [...]

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Understanding the ABCs of Food Cravings

Whether it’s snacking on chips while watching TV, that tub of ice cream that empties just a bit too quickly, or an impulsive trip to McDonald’s, we all enjoy guilty pleasures. Although your favourite unhealthy foods can easily tempt you, understanding the ABCs of food cravings can help you crush cravings before they get [...]

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A Guide to a Nutritious Breakfast on the Go

Mornings are busy. Making sure you get your breakfast in before school or work can be a challenge. Many argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Regardless, building a healthy breakfast habit is possible with proper planning. Here are some tips to help make your breakfasts both nutritious and convenient. 1. [...]

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5 Simple Tricks to eating healthy all week

Tricks to eating healthy? Yes! There are magic tricks to eating healthy. Well... sort of. It's really about how disciplined we are on our quest to achieving those important training goals we set. 1 - Drink plenty of Water.  We all know drinking water is important, but somehow we ignore [...]

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