When it comes to exercise, we can be pretty set in our ways. We often pick a workout and stick to it for a long time. This is good, we think, because consistency and dedication are important. However, results are important too, and certain workout plans are great for some people but aren’t so great for others. How can you tell? Here are some signs that your current workout plan isn’t working for you.

1. You Have No Motivation

You shouldn’t have to force yourself to work out. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. If your workout requires half an hour of you summoning the motivation to start, then it probably isn’t the right one for you. Find something you enjoy doing, and you will look forward to it rather than dread it.

2. You’re Bored or Have Hit a Plateau

Maybe your workout plan started out fun and exciting but gradually became old and boring. Maybe it started as an engaging challenge that has now become too easy. This means it’s time to switch it up. Occasionally changing your workout helps keep you from getting bored. It also keeps your muscle growth and cardiovascular conditioning from hitting a plateau that prevents further progression.

3. You’re Not Seeing Results

You’ve been at it for a couple of weeks, but there’s no difference in your weight, muscle tone, or strength. This could mean either a) you aren’t doing the right type of workout, or b) the workout isn’t intense enough. If you don’t start seeing the results you want within a reasonable time frame, it’s time to try something else.

4. You Perform Only the Moves You Like

We all have that one exercise we’re especially good at or that tones a certain muscle group we appreciate. However, limiting your workouts to favourite exercises can lead to strengthening certain muscles and neglecting the muscles that need training the most. This can lead to muscular imbalances and can work against you in your attempts to reach your goals. Try focusing on more complex movements and workouts that ensure full-body training.

5. You Don’t Feel Exhausted Afterwards

Workouts shouldn’t be easy. If you don’t feel the burn during the workout or don’t feel exhausted afterwards, you’re not putting enough into it. If either is the case, you should find a higher intensity workout. To see results, you need to push yourself.

6. You Don’t Have a Goal

Every workout session should have a goal, whether it’s to increase your cardiovascular fitness or to strengthen and tone certain muscle groups. If your current workout lacks such focus, you aren’t likely going to see the results you want. You need to have specific targets to reach for so you can measure your progress.

Try to find a workout plan that’s flexible. Sticking to the same workout for a long time will allow your body to adjust to it. Once your body has adapted to a particular routine, it burns much less energy than it did when you started because it has become more efficient. Although this is a clear indicator of progress, if you don’t want to stagnate, you need to change your plan to force your body to continue to adapt to challenging workouts. You ideally want a workout plan that changes session to session so you don’t get bored and you can increase the intensity and difficulty as your fitness level progresses.

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