For many kids, Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year next to the Holidays.

As a parent, or guardian, trick-or-treating can be a daunting experience that can come back to haunt you if you are not careful.

To help prepare, here are some safety tips to put in place before sending your kids out to spooky streets and haunted houses. These tips will help keep your kids safe and give you a piece of mind while your kids are out.

How to keep kids safe on halloween night.

1. Plan route ahead of time in familiar neighborhoods.

Take a a moment to plan something ahead. Scout your area and decide which streets and houses you plan on visiting while trick-or-treating.

2. Wear comfy costumes and shoes. Avoid big props and masks.

Be creative with your costumes while keep your little ones’ Halloween safety in mind. Wear comfortable and weather appropriate shoes for long walks and costumes that won’t inhibit movement in the case of an emmergency.

3. Carry a flashlight and extra batteries.

Stay in well lit areas. Use a flashlight when walking up a dark driveway or poorly lit pathways.

4. Wear reflectory strips or carry a glow stick.

Stay visible. Especially if your costume is less obvious in the dark.

5. Have a retrun home / meet up time.

Setting a fix amount of time you plan on staying outside on Halloween night is a good idea. Also have an agreed meet up point and time if you plan on being seperated.

6. Carry your cell phone, house keys, and emergency ID informaion.

It is a good habit to always leave the house with some type of identification. Also make sure cell phones are fully charged before leaving the house. The goal in all of these is not to be paranoid but to reduce the risk of being caught off-guard with an emergency on one of the most fun nights for the kids.

7. Walk on the sidewalks and stay out of the streets.

Only cross at designated crosswalks and intersections. Walk, don’t run on the sidewalks. Even if the streets seem deserted with no cars, stay off the streets.

8. Pack a couple of band-aids and bottled water.

Just in case, have bottled water, a few band-aids, or a portable first aid kit handy. Halloween is a busy night in many neighborhoods across the country, and we are all guilty of getting carried away once in a while. It may not be your kids, but just incase you run into someone else that might need help.

9. Inspect your child’s candy before they eat it.

Make it a rule. No candy eating until you return back home and inspect it. There are treats some children might be allergic to, so make sure to check before they eat their Halloween candy.

10. Be the parent.

It’s no secret that we adults are just big kids ourselves, but someone needs to enforce the rules. Be intuitive, stay vigilant, and do your best to be one step ahead.

In the end it will make sure a howling good time is had by all.