Toronto’s best children’s Martial Arts classes.

Parents, discover amazing childrens martial arts classes Toronto lessons that combines life-skills with age-appropriate instruction for kids.

Lil’ Dragons | Ages 4 – 7

Evoke’s Children’s Martial Arts classes  was created using research on child education programming.

We focus on the various stages of development in kids by using martial arts movement to help develop better motor skills, and athletic potential.

Kids | Age 8 – 12

Focus. Teamwork. Discipline. Confidence. Respect. These are regular themes addressed in children’s martial arts classes at Evoke.

We engage your child in martial arts lessons that teach them how these life skills apply at home, at play, and at school.

Teens | Ages 13 – 16

We recognize that teenagers cringe at the idea of taking classes with little kids.

Evoke’s teen classes empowers them emotional and physically, while at the same time helping build skills that set them up for success.

What is different about our children’s martial art classes?

childrens martial arts classes toronto

Personalized instruction:

We maintain a 6:1 instructor ratio – ensuring that your child is getting personalized attention all the time.

Our children’s martial arts classes are always exciting and engaging.

From our top of the line equipment, to the design of our facility – everything is geared towards making your child’s experience fun, safe, and contructive.

kids karate classes toronto

Age-appropriate classes:

See, we separate classes using a well-structured curriculum based on age, attention span, and motor skill level.

Four and five year olds, for example, are in separate classes from six and seven year olds.

By doing this we are able to fine-tune their martial arts lessons to be relevant to their cognitive and physical abilities.

Children's Martial Arts Classes

Life Skills:

Our classes also help nurture positive character development and the life skills.

Children attending classes at Evoke gain a lot more than physical abilities or leaning to punch, kick, or grapple.

This perhaps one of the main reasons parents  consider us to have the best children’s martial arts classes Toronto families recommend.

Children’s Martial Arts Classes | Evoke Martial Arts & Kickboxing

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