Youth kickboxing and self defense classes in Toronto North York for teenagers ages 13 to 17.

Find out how our youth kickboxing and self defense classes
help teenagers become better versions of themselves.

youth kickboxing toronto

youth kickboxing

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kickboxing for youth toronto

youth kickboxing toronto

Youth Kickboxing and Self Defense for teenagers:

Let’s face it!

Dance, gymnastics, etc. doesn’t quite cut it the same way a youth kickboxing or self defense program for teenagers does.

There are very few constructive programs for teenagers looking for an engaging and rewarding activity as a hobby.

Our program offers teenagers a symphony of empowering workouts and martial arts skills in a welcoming community.

Furthermore, the classes are taught by the kindest, most experienced, and charismatic team of instructors you’ll even encounter.

Questions About T.H.A’s Youth Kickboxing and Self Defense for Teenagers.

Sure you can!

Scroll down and click on the button to book a free trial. We also offer a 3-week trial with complementary boxing gloves if you prefer a long trial period.

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T.H.A’s Martial Arts’ youth kickboxing class and teen self defense program is beginner friendly.

The lessons build on previous class, and the curriculum is organized to accomodate new members to joining in.

T.H.A Martial Arts’ kids and teen programs are a blend of multiple martial arts disciplines.

You will learn striking, kicking, throws & take-downs, submissions etc. from our mixed martial arts curriculum.

Beyond all that… we also have seperate muay thai kickboxing classes for teenagers (15 and over) and adults alike. Contact us for more details on that – (416)440-2828.

We offer daily beginner-friendly classes 5 times a week.

Mondays: 5:30pm
Tuesdays: 6:30pm
Wednesday: 5:30pm
Thursdays: 6:30pm
Saturdays: 10:30am

Please note that trial classes are by appointment only, and should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

No you won’t! An emphatic awareness of our members’ safety is one of our core values.

Beginners work with beginners, and the advanced students with each other. We also have seperate classes for sparring that interested members may attend.

If you are curious about how we train self defense look us up on our social media channels. (@TorontoHapkido)

Not quite. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) are buzz words thrown around alot.

While you will be learning a mixed martial arts curriculum – Hapkido, a Korean form of Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai – you won’t be doing any cage fighting 🙂

We are not an “mma school”. Our commitment is offering teen self defense skills that are safe, progressive, and practical for the everyday athlete.

Yes there are! They even make up a good size of our staff and instructor team.

We also have lots of amazing higher ranked female martial artists in our classes.

It is part of our core values to offer a classroom environment that is inclusive and not gender dominated.

The teen self defense North York program at T.H.A Martial Arts is offered all year round.

Each class is an hour long, and designed to accomomdate new members joining at any time.

Not Ready Yet ?

Not a problem. You can request Information on Class Times, Bookings, Membership Prices, or to learn about our 3-week trial!

We’ll also share some of our insider training tips, technique videos and at-home-workouts as a bonus.

What’s different with youth kickboxing and self defense for teenagers at T.H.A Martial Arts?

self defense for teenagers

Our youth kickboxing program is a favourite with Toronto teenagers because the workouts are engaging and the learning environment is great.

They are able to practice martial arts with other teenagers their age in a class that is uniquely designed just for them.

We have teenagers attending our youth kickboxing classes who have no prior experience at all, to high level athletes in our teen program because everything is well-structured.

You will experiecne time tested techniques for self-defense, support from instructors and other teen members; all while having an amazing time.

Get in amazing shape, discover a new sense of confidence, learn invaluable
self defense skills, all while having fun and gaining new friends.

Self Defense for Teenagers and Youth kickboxing for ages 13 to 17.

What does youth kickboxing offer teenagers?

This youth kickboxing program offers teenagers great stress relief, an exhilirating workout, and constructive fun.

Besides that, martial arts also equips you with real world tools and life skills that are the cornerstones of success in everything you do. It also teaches goal setting habits, invokes inner strength, and a positive mental attitude.

Training in our classes expands your network with positive influences.  You’ll find yourself becoming better socially, emotionally, and physically.

youth kickboxing

self defense for teenagers

Why self defense for teenagers?

First of all, we are not all about fighting or violence – but self self defense is an important life skill. We offer a progressive, functional, and street-smart approach in how we teach self defense for teenagers.

The confidence in your ability to effectively protect yourself radiates in all aspects of your life – physically, academically, and socially.

T.H.A’s self defense for teenagers fosters a community where teens get fit, learn to keep safe, and mentored by positive role model instructors.

youth kickboxing

kickboxing for youth

Got Questions?

Give us a call: (416)440-2828

We are happy to assist with your questions and help get you started with one of our awesome classes.