Kickboxing North York & Toronto.

Kickboxing North York classes with exciting, safe, and beginner-friendly lessons.
Find out how this program is one of North York Toronto’s best kept secrets to getting in amazing shape.

Kickboxing North York school with a total body workout that gets you results fast,
beginner-friendly, and the funnest calorie burning experience ever.

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Here’s the deal with our Kickboxing school:

We understand that many times you just have to ditch a boring workout routine.

It is for this reason that we designed our classes to be fun, functional, and fresh each time you attend.

You will enjoy results-driven classes guaranteed to keep you coming back.

Nothing screams excitement and stress-relief like hitting a punching bag!

We provide a powerful and upbeat fitness kickboxing workout that whips you into amazing shape.

All aspects of our fitness kickboxing program are well-structured to help sculpt your body, relieve stress, or lose those last few pounds..

T.H.A Martial Arts reviews

The city’s best kickboxing North York gym.


Kickboxing North York classes with a difference.

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We know it too.

There are tons of kickboxing North York schools out there.

What’s different with our program is you learn real kickboxing moves, taught by real trainers, and for real fitness results.

But – no fighting involved 🙂

kickboxing north york

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

You will get a rush of excitement with every strike – and nothing relieves stress better.

Our focus is on the fitness benefits of kickboxing. That is why we lay all our aggression on punching bags.

By incorporating fast paced interval training, using Kickboxing moves on punching bags, you are guaranteed the best sweat-pouring and fat-melting workout session.

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Train at your own pace.

One of our core values at T.H.A Martial Arts is creating a community that is family-like, inclusive and safe.

The culture at this kickboxing North York school is welcoming, supportive, and inspiring.

First time kickboxing?

FOR $29

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