Children’s Jiu Jitsu North York & Toronto.

Discover age-appropriate lessons for kids ages 8 to 12.

Set up your child for success with a children’s Jiu Jitsu North York School teaching
martial arts lessons that help nurture positive character, self-discipline, and confidence.

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Invest in giving your child a headstart in life.

It is no secret that martial arts is considered one of the best suited activities to help children gain greater confidence, self-discipline, and focus.

Families in our Toronto and North York communities are always amazed at the wonderful, life-changing benefits that this type of children’s jiu-jitsu North York or Toronto program has to offer.

Our martial arts is Hapkido – a Korean mixed martial arts system that originated from Japanese Jiu-jitsu.

What sets our program apart is not the style but in how we teach, but the emphasis we put on life-skills.

A positive mental attitude, goal setting, self-control, and non-violence are some of the values that our curriculum is built upon.

children's Jiu jitsu North York

More than just another children’s jiu jitsu classes
in North York and Toronto.

children's Jiu jitsu North York

Life Skills.

We understand that as a parent you want your child to be a part of something that also helps them become better versions of themselves.

That is why we created a program that offers more than just grappling, punching, or kicking. We help prepare them for life by nurturing the same values you teach at home.

children's Jiu jitsu North York

Self Protection.

We teach an eclectic martial art known as Hapkido. It is  a Korean system Jiu-Jitsu  that teaches how to use an attacker’s force against them.

If they are ever backed into a corner, we want the confidence in their “no” to be back up by something more than just hope 🙂

children's Jiu jitsu North York


Hapkido also incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, kickboxing techqniques, throws and takedowns, and ground self defense.

Furthermore, this is the kind of children’s jiu jitus North York and Toronto class where kids and families, enjoy a constructive, safe, and fun environment.

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It’s the type of children’s jiu jitsu program parents love because it helps
nurture good social skills, positive character, and builds confidence.

children's jiu jitsu north york

Above all, we understand parents’ interest in an activity that offers kids more than just Jiu-jitsu, hapkido, and kickboxing techniques.

Consequently, all kids’ hapkido (children’s jiu jitsu) lessons are age-appropriate, and provide a healthy balance between fun and learning.

Martial arts teaches them to take responsibility for their actions, manage negative emotions, and to also stand up for themselves.

Enrol your child today. You’ll love what we do!

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We are happy to assist with your questions and help get your child started with one of our awesome martial arts classes.

Childrens Jiu Jitsu North York classes at Evoke Martial Arts (near Bayview-Eglinton)
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children's Jiu jitsu North York