Looking for a Toronto Karate School?

How about a martial arts school offering well-structured, safe, and beginner-friendly martial arts programs for children and adults?

We offer industry-leading programs including fitness kickboxing classes, age-appropriate martial arts for kids, and adult martial arts and self defence classes.

Our kids classes, for example, are separated according to age, motor skills, and attention span.

We also maintain a student-to-instructor ratio of about 6:1; allowing your child to receive personalized instruction in every class.

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Why enrol your child at a Toronto karate school.

Every class is taught by a team of experienced, nurturing, and professional martial arts instructors.

Our Lil’ Dragons kids Karate program provides Toronto North families with lessons that offer more than just another after-school activity.

It is rare to find a Toronto karate school with an age appropriate curriculum that does not just teach them “Karate”, but also targets the various stages of behaviour and development in kids.

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Martial Arts for Kids (ages 8 to 12).

Your average Toronto karate school will teach focus, goal setting, self-discipline, self-respect.

We engage them in lesssons that also shows how these apply at home, school, or the playground – kids emerge from this program changed for the better… and their parents couldn’t be happier.

Toronto Hapkido Kids Martial Arts classes helps them develop a healthy mind and body; empowering them with a non-quitting spirit, and the confidence to face life’s challenges and succeed.

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Youth Kickboxing & Self Defense.

Muay Thai. Korean Jiu-jitsu. Kickboxing. Hapkido. Our Teen Martial Arts program teaches all that within a well-structured, safe and beginner-friendly classes.

Best of all… it’s an exciting, high-energy, fun-filled environment for teenagers to practice with kids their age in more challenging and functional classes designed just for them.

We created a nuturing environment where Toronto High School Teenagers can have the time of their lives while getting physically fit, learning to keep safe, and are mentored by positive role model instructors.

North York Toronto Karate School with the best age-appropriate programs for kids.

Your child will not only learning exciting martial arts, they’ll also be improving on their focus, coordination, and confidence.

We are located in the South Bayview community of Leaside in Toronto, and offer industry-leading programs including Fitness Kickboxing classes, Age-appropriate Kids Martial Arts programs, Adult Martial Arts and Self Defence classes.

We also offer exciting martial arts camps during March Break and Summer for children ages 5 through 12.

Contact us to learn more about our Toronto Karate School for kids.

Got Questions about finding a good Toronto Karate school?

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