Martial Arts Journeys.

Our members share their success stories, and how their martial arts journey has helped achieve their training goals and help shape things for the better.

Women in Martial Arts | And it’s not for the reasons you’re thinking…

Women in Martial Arts Do women take martial arts simply to learn how to feel less vulnerable and be better equipped to protect themselves? One of our black belts shares her take on women in martial arts at our Toronto-based martial arts school. And it's not for the reasons most people think. [...]

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Busy is a state of mind | a martial artist’s journey

Have you been thinking of taking up martial arts in Toronto but are concerned about a busy schedule or thinking you are too old? This is a legitimate concern shared by most adults looking into a fun new activity like martial arts training. As adults we are sometimes burdened with important priorities such as [...]

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When science meets passion | a martial arts story

The journey's project is T.H.A's mini documentary series where we spotlight members at the school. They tell their story and share about their martial arts journey and how it fits in their everyday routine and life. Agnes is a bio-medical engineering student in her final year. She tells her story of her new found [...]

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