Self defense training in uptown Toronto with adult-friendly martial arts classes for women and men.
Discover cutting-edge training that taps into your ultimate potential while breaking some serious sweat.

Achieve a leaner, stronger, and more alive body
while developing amazing self defense skills. 

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Try our beginner-friendly martial arts class and tap into your body’s ultimate potential while having fun and breaking a good sweat. Contact us to learn about our 3-week trial (416)440-2828 or click below to schedule a free trial class.

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Why Self Defense?

Let’s be honest.

Sometimes you just need to switch up a dull routine.

Learning Self defense is a lot of fun. It tests your physical and mental prowess while enjoying an amazing workout.

What makes self defense classes at T.H.A Martial Arts different?

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Fun, safe, beginner-friendly classes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to martial arts, or have been out of it for a while and wanting to get back.

We have something for everyone.

And don’t worry – you’ll never have to be concerned about being beat up or getting hurt in your self defense classes. Our culture is one where everyone supports and look out for each other.

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Flexible memberships and trial options.

One size usually doesn’t fit all… and some Toronto self defense classes are downright expensive.

We do our best to offer a variety of membership types, and trial options to suit your needs.

Our committment is to serve you, so we pride ourselves in being very transparent with our tuition fees and membership options.

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Practical skills… with a touch of tradition.

The self defense techniques we teach are easily to learn, easy to apply, and highly effective.

Also, self defense training is not just about learning how to fight. Nor is it limited to people seeking to learn how to protect themselves.

Our classes help harness the power of martial arts for incredible fitness, holistic wellness, stress-relief, and of course – learning to kick a$$ 🙂

We provide an engaging, safe, result-driven workout
with our adult members in mind.

Not Ready Yet ?

Not a problem. You can request Information on Class Times, Bookings, Membership Prices, or to learn about our 3-week trial!

We’ll also share some of our insider training tips, technique videos and at-home-workouts as a bonus.

Commom Questions About Self Defense Classes at T.H.A. Martial Arts.


We are happy to schedule a visit to give us a try. Simply scroll down and click on the button to book a trial.

You can also inquire about 3-week self defense web special. It includes a complementary boxing gloves and a great way to start.

Yes!  We have new members joining all the time.

All our self defense classes are beginner friendly and accommodating to newer members.

In additon, we also have an amazing team of coaches and assistants to help you every step of the way.

Hapkido is a Korean system of self defense with a ecclectic set of concepts and techniques.

It offers comprehensive self defens applications to face opponents while standing, confined to close-quarters, or on the ground.

The martial art uses a holistic approach in exploring the relationship between physiology and self defense. It incorporates striking, kicking, throwing, joint locks, take-downs, chokes, traditional weapons, etc for self protection.

We offer a beginner-friendly self defense program 5 days a week.

Mondays: 8:30pm
Tuesdays: 7:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30pm
Thursdays: 7:30pm
Saturdays: 12:30pm

* Please note that trial class visit are by appointment only.

Sure! We can arrange that, but kindly call ahead.

Recently some members, understandably, have felt uncomfortable with a couple of strangers sitting in to watch them while they sweat their butts off 🙂

Out of respect for their privacy, we’ve had to discourage a few walk-ins coming simply to “watch our classes”.

However, we are happy to schedule a visit to check out the school and see what we do.

If you’re perhaps simply curious about watching some self defense action, we have lots of class footage on our social media channels. Please look us up @TorontoHapkido.

On one hand, we don’t believe in long-term contracts.

That is why we at with a billing service with short-term membership agreements that allow to cancel with a 30-day notice. No questions asked.

We are honest, professional, and hold ourselves to high standards of service.

In return, we ask for a small level of committment from you that we feel is also fair.

Women make up a good size of our staff, and self defense instructor team.

There are lots of amazing female martial artists and black belts at the school.

As part of our core values we provide a non gender-dominated but incluse self defense training environment.

Not really 🙂

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are buzz words thrown around alot.

Although Hapkido is a Korean form of Jiu Jitsu (originated in Japan), it also shares many components of mixed martial arts – striking, takedowns, submissions, ground-fighting, etc.

None-the-less we are not an mma school 🙂

We teach everyday adults a progressive and practical self defense system safely and responsibly.

Test-drive the T.H.A experience… get to know us better.

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What type of self defense martial art do we teach?

We teach Hapkido. It’s a Korean form of Jiu Jitsu (originally from Japan), with a primary emphasis on self defense. You will learn:

  • A beautiful symphony of strikes and kicks.
  • Ground escapes and sneaky submissions.
  • Powerful joint locks and restraining techniques.
  • Effortless throws and takedowns.

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Time is a common obstacle that keeps many from working out and getting in better shape.

Based on a carefully planned curriculum and lesson times, we offer a variety of daily classes to choose from. You will enjoy coherent lessons regardless of how frequently you’re able to attend. Just make it here and be prepared to sweat and have fun – leave the rest to us 🙂

T.H.A Martial Arts’ adult self defense classes are fun, non-intimidating; and the coolest part is that you don’t need any experience to get started.

You will also enjoy a total-body workout and gain awesome martial arts skills.

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Discover adult self defense lessons in Toronto with results-driven workouts that is designed with adult members in mind.

Contact us today to get started. You’ll love what we do!

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Got Questions?

Give us a call: (416)440-2828

We are happy to assist with your questions and help get you started with one of our awesome classes.