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Achieve your training aspirations with upbeat and expertly curated
kickboxing, muay thai, and self defense classes
that help you tap into your ultimate potential.

Our Why

To Evoke the human spirit, and Unleash the courage to Impact our world through the power of Martial Arts.

Welcome to the premiere Toronto martial arts school for teens, kids, and adult programs. Maximize your potential, achieve better fitness, and evoke greater confidence.


Fitness Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Self Defense.


Age-appropriate classes for children, kids, and teenagers.


2021 Summer Camps for kids ages 5 – 12.

Evoke challenges the typical Toronto martial arts experience.
Beyond fighting skills, aesthetic rituals, tournaments – we focus on the
very essence of what martial arts training is all about.

Our members tell us that having expert coaches, results-driven programs, and a family-like vibe, are a few things that set Evoke apart from the average Toronto martial arts school.

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New to our Toronto martial arts school?

Take the first step to unleashing a better version of you or your child.

Browse our site to learn about our amazing programs. When you find the one that’s the right fit, you can even sign up for a trial online and get set up right away.

Learn about our amazing kickboxing and martial arts programs (Services we offer).


Best Toronto Kickboxing Classes:

kickboxing classes
If you’re craving a sweat pouring kickboxing Toronto workout that’s so much fun and will get you hooked, then you’ve found it.

Our kickboxing classes are a blend of high intensity interval training drills for an upbeat workout that sculpts your body and helps you get toned and lean.

Muay Thai Classes:

best muay thai gym toronto
Enjoy an intense but fun muay thai training with cutting-edge workouts and upbeat classes.

We have seperate classes for level 1 and 2 muay thai members, and a caring team of coaches to help you achieve your training goals.

Although we are not home to many Toronto Muay Thai champions, we offer an explosive and fresh approach to one of the world’s most respected striking arts.

Hapkido – Korean Jiu Jitsu (Not BJJ Toronto):

self defense toronto martial arts school
Jiu Jitsu has gained a lot of popularity for it’s effectiveness in self defense and grappling competitions.

We teach Hapkido – a Korean system of Korean Jiu-jitsu  that balances tradition with functional training while giving you an amazing workout.

It is a self defense discipline that teaches how to forge effortless takedowns, skilful joint manipulation, with devastating strikes and kicks into a cohesive system of self defense.


Toronto Kids Karate Classes:

kids karate classes
The Lil’ Dragons kids karate program offers families well-structured children’s martial arts lessons that also targets their various stages of growth and development.

We use a well-organized accredited children’s Taekwondo karate curriculum to help improve their coordination, attention span, and cognitive development.

Kids Martial Arts Classes:

toronto martial arts school
Even with so many choices for Toronto Jiu-jitsu schoolsTaekwondo clubs, or youth kickboxing academies, it is hard to find one with age-appropriate instruction.

Our kids martial arts classes have a well-structured curriculum, and professional instructors that connect with children at an age-appropriate level. 

We also believe that the benefits reach far beyond pragmatic norms of what Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, etc. has to offer kids.

Teen Self Defense and Youth Kickboxing Classes:

teen self defense toronto

Why Self Defense for Teens?

Self defense is an important life skill every teenager should have. It teaches awareness skills, a great way to stay in shape, and is the best confidence booster.

Teenagers at our martial arts school love their classes because they are so much fun, empowering, and beginner-friendly. Plus they don’t have to mix with little kids 🙂


P.A Day, March Break, and Summer Camps:

day camp toronto
Through the years, our themed Day Camps have become a favourite in our community.

We pack a summer’s worth of non-stop fun into each camp day to provide the perfect blend of fun and learning.

Our summer camps is packed with exciting activities, educational field trips, and martial arts fun.

“Karate” Birthday Parties:

kids day camp
Perhaps the best part of our Toronto birthday party bookings is that we handle almost the whole event… while parents relax.

Our team makes sure your child’s special day runs smoothly, and all the kids have an amazing time.

It is a really great solution for such an important day.

A Welcoming Community With A Caring Team of  Instructors.

muay thai toronto kickboxing

Experience a Toronto martial arts school with an inclusive, safe, and friendly environment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in great shape, out of shape, young or old. We have a welcoming environment for everyone to feel included and safe.

Our instructors are highly skilled, experienced, and available to guide and inspire each step of the way.

Progressive Teaching Methods and Quality Instruction.

muay thai kickboxing martial arts

We offer industry leading programs for all ages and fitness levels.

Our programs are carefully designed to incorporate training methods that are results-driven, upbeat, and will certainly keep you coming back.

You will enjoy fitness and self defense classes in a bright, clean, and modern Toronto martial arts school.

Beginner-friendly Programs and Age-appropriate Kids Classes.

muay thai

Adults train with adults, and even our children’s classes are seperated by age.

Whether you’re interested in a workout to get in great shape, or a parent looking for age-appriopriate martial arts lessons for your child , middle schooler or teenager.

We offer beginner-friendly daily kickboxing, muay thai, self defense martial arts classes with convenient schedules to choose from.

Do you have questions about our Toronto Martial Arts School?

Give us a call: (416)440-2828

We are happy to assist with your questions and help get you started with one of our awesome kickboxing, muay thai, or self defense martial arts classes.

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