Hapkido (which originally evolved from Japanese Jiu-jitsu) is comprehensive self defence system that forges effortless throws and take-downs, skillful joint manipulation, with devastating strikes and kicks into a cohesive system of self defense.

Hapkido is a beautiful and dynamic martial art.

At Toronto Hapkido Academy, a we offer a progressive and functional approach to teaching Self Defense applications of the Korean Martial Art of Hapkido.

The technique in this video – Son Kara Gokki – is a “C” shaped lock that hyper extends the ligaments in the wrist and around the fingers.

The potential of Hapkido as an exciting and highly adaptable martial art is only limited to the experience and skill level of the participant.

Our goal at T.H.A Martial Arts is to offer members a progressive and well-rounded martial arts experience in our martial arts students by exploring the physiology of Hapkido techniques in relation to self defense.

Check out this teaser video!