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Focus. Teamwork. Discipline. Confidence. Respect. These are regular themes we address in our kids martial arts classes in Toronto. With our kids martial arts classes in Toronto, we want to offer parents and families age-appropriate kids martial arts lessons that go beyond just learning to punch and kick.

Helping Kids Develop Better Patience

Patience has a simple definition; waiting without complaining! While patience might be a simple concept to grasp, it isn’t an easy mind-set to master! For children (and many adults), it can be especially challenging as most people don’t like to wait! Young children are developing “waiting skills.” They may not comprehend why they must [...]

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5 Things to Spring Clean From your Pantry.

As we enter the month, let the windows fly open and break out the deep cleaning supplies – spring cleaning is here! While you’re in the heat of it, cleaning curtains and blinds and shampooing carpets and upholstery, don’t forget to clean out the all too often overlooked pantry. Over the months – particularly [...]

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Friendship | One of the Virtues in Building Good Character Through the Martial Arts

Friendship is more than just having fun. It’s a crucial part of children’s normal social and emotional development. Through friendships, children learn important skills such as: * Sharing * Compromise * Assertiveness * Listening * Problem-solving * Critical thinking * Nurturing * Accepting others Good friends can be some of [...]

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Discipline | One of the Virtues in Building Good Character Through the Martial Arts

Discipline is crucial to helping children and adults thrive and become their best. Disciplined people train themselves to follow values-based rules that are enforced by themselves in a consistent manner.Whether these self-imposed rules are related to exercise, work, sleep or other areas of life, disciplined people do what needs to get done, when it needs [...]

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Courage | One of the Virtues in Building Good Character Through the Martial Arts

Dear Family, This month we will focus on the Martial Arts Virtue; “courage.” Courage is not the absence of fear, as many children might think. Rather, courage is how we cope with fears in the face of challenge. As parents and mentors, it’s important that we let children know that everyone gets scared sometimes. It’s [...]

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