The adult-friendly Self defense school Toronto is raving about.

Self Defense School Toronto North York at T.H.A Martial Arts (near Bayview-Eglinton)
1666 Bayview Ave, #200, East York, ON.
M4G 3C1, Canada
. (416)440-2828

self defense school toronto

Learn more about the Self Defense School Toronto adults turn to for
fun stress relief, incredible fitness, and beginner-friendly lessons.

We offer daily beginner classes that provide an exciting, constructive activity that is empowering, rewarding, well-structured, and beats going to a gym 🙂

See, we know there is no Self Defense school Toronto adults would want to attend if the lessons were unsafe, scary, or simply boring. Unlike some Self Defense schools, we carefully organize your lessons to be safe, results-driven and beginner-friendly.

We understand that you are perhaps not looking to becoming a pro fighter, but want a rewarding and exciting experience that tests your physical and mental boundaries while enjoying an amazing workout.

Our classes are taught with you in mind.

What do members love about this Self Defense School?

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We’ll also share some of our insider training tips, technique videos, and fitness reports with you as a bonus.


self defense school toronto

We are a progressive Toronto North York Self Defense School located in the South Bayview community of Leaside in East York.

T.H.A Martial Arts’ adult Self defense classes offer a solid foundation in the martial arts. Every class provides an amazing workout, with fresh routines (so you never get bored), and a here-to-there approach in your training.

self defense school toronto

Check out these Toronto Hapkido Academy Reviews from our Google Page

“…I started the Teens Hapkido classes almost two and half years ago and the experience has been incredible. By far the most important contribution to my life has been the way THA has built up my character in a more positive way and then continues to reinforce this...”

Teen Martial Arts

“…I had never attempted martial arts before in my life … I’m in my 30s. I was greeted by a wonderful, welcoming community! I have met many like-minded people of all ages. The culture is humble and kind. I never feel discouraged. The workouts are amazing, and the classes are just right. You have to check this place out. You won’t be disappointed!”

Martial Arts Self Defense Classes

muay thai toronto reveiws

“I joined the Muay Thai classes last January and it’s been a great experience! The classes provide a solid mix of cardio/conditioning and fighting technique that often leaves me pleasantly exhausted. The instructors seem genuinely interested in your progression and are always available to answer questions. The other students are also quite friendly and the more experienced students typically help you with your form if they notice anything you can improve on.”

Muay Thai Training

Got Questions?

Give us a call: (416)440-2828

We are happy to assist with your questions and help get you started with one of our awesome classes.

Though we are rooted in traditional Hapkido and Muay Thai, we are innovative in our teaching methods, and continually seek new and progressive ways to share the benefits of our programs.

Our cutting edge Self Defence training systems and teaching styles come to life in high energy classes designed with time tested methods that make the T.H.A Martial Arts (Toronto Hapkido Academy) one of the premiere martial arts clubs in the city.

Got Questions?

Give us a call: (416)440-2828

We are happy to assist with your questions and help get you started with one of our awesome classes.