Muay Thai class Toronto

Discover a Toronto Muay Thai class with a fresh approach to ring-ready fitness, authentic kickboxing skills, and beginner-friendly lessons.

muay thai toronto

The intense workout that helps develop Rock-Body Fitness, Amazing Stamina, an Unshakeable Will, while gaining Unmatched Skills and tons of Fun in every class!

New to Muay Thai?


First off, we recognize that most adults are not looking to becoming professional muay thai fighters.

Our beginners start out in a Level I muay thai class, designed to help you to go at your own pace.

Your workouts are intense but carefully organized to help you to gain fundamental Muay Thai skills while getting in awesome shape.

Muay Thai Class Toronto.

We offer well organized muay thai classes that tests your physical and mental boundaries, while providing a rewarding and exciting workout experience.

You will enjoy an exciting, safe, and well-structured Muay Thai class Toronto men and women rave about for being beginner-friendly, results-driven, and a ton of fun.

Experience An Upbeat Muay Thai Class Toronto Gives Double Thumbs Up For An Amazing Training Experience.

What makes the Muay Thai class Toronto Hapkido Academy offers much different from other gyms?

muay thai class toronto

For starters…

Each muay thai class Toronto Hapkido Academy offers is more than just grueling workouts and simple Kickboxing pad combinations.

You’ll enjoy a total body workout; learn authentic muay thai skills, and have a ton of fun while you’re at it.

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And not just that…

We make sure your training helps you develop amazing self defense skills while enjoying sweat-pouring workouts in every muay thai class.

muay thai toronto

Seperate beginner and advanced classes.

See, we understand no one wants to join a muay thai class Toronto folks would be concerned about for being intimidating, disorganized, or overwhelming.

New to Muay Thai?


Not Ready To Kick It Yet ?

That’s ok. Request schedule info, membership prices, and trial options.

Common Questions About Our Muay Thai Class Toronto school (T.H.A Martial Arts).

Not at all! You will be training in a muay thai class with knowledeable instructors and coaches.

Beginners start out in a level 1 muay thai class that focuses on helping you develop a solid martial arts foundation while also getting in better shape.

Our level 2 and 3 classes offer combative tool development and ring applications. Training at T.H.A Martial Arts is a safe, fun, and awesome workout experience.


Each level 1 muay thai class Toronto Hapkido offers is well-organized to be beginner-friendly.

We also have a caring team of coaches and instructions who work hand-in-hand with you until you get more competent with your training.

The lessons are structured to accommodate to new students to our classes. 

Sure you can!

Click the trial button to get started with our 2-class web special for you and a friend.

We don’t want injuries either.

Our safety record in our muay thai classes is commendable because we forster a culture where everyone looks out for one another.

Also, before embarking on an fitness activity like this, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor about previous injuries or health concerns.

As martial arts professionals we hold ourselves to the highest standards in all aspects of our operations.

We offer a variety of membership options – including bi-weekly, monthly billing, and class package options.

We offer short-term membership agreements that allow you to cancel a membership with a simple 30-day notice.

No questions asked 🙂

Yes there are. We have been noted to have more women at our school than the average muay thai class Toronto gyms typically have.

Women also make up a good size of our staff and instructor team.

Evoke Martial Arts is committed to offering an inclusive muay thai class culture that is not gender dominated.

Got Questions about our Muay Thai class?

Give us a call: (416)440-2828

We are happy to assist with questions, and help get you started with one of our awesome muay thai Toronto classes.