Martial Arts and Self Defense School located near Bayview-Eglinton in Toronto.

T.H.A Martial Arts & Kickboxing (Toronto Hapkido Academy)
1666 Bayview Ave, #200, East York, ON.
M4G 3C1, Canada. (416)440-2828

About Our Toronto Martial Arts School.

T.H.A Martial Arts & Kickboxing school provides our communities with industry-leading martial arts instruction in an exciting, safe, and modern learning environment. We offer beginner-friendly classes for children ages 4 to 6, kids ages 8 to 12, teenagers, and adults.

Our core values reflect what is truly important to us – a commitment to serve the community, creating an environment where people are inspired to better themselves through the martial arts.

martial arts school location

We offer a variety of lessons including Fitness Kickboxing classes, Age-appropriate Children’s Karate / Taekwondo classes, Kids and Teen Martial Arts programs, Adult Self Defense classes, as well as March Break and Summer Camp programs for children.

As a team we recognize that the martial arts offers amazing life-changing benefits, and we would love to share some of those benefits with you. Browse our website to learn more about our programs.

You can also book a trial to get started right away, or give us a call if you have any questions – (416)440-2828.

martial arts school location

We have about to 100 reviews on our Google page. Mostly 5 stars.

toronto hapkido academy reviews

“…My family is greatly benefiting from our experience with THA Martial Arts. Not only are my boys becoming physically stronger, and more knowledgeable about self defense, but they are also becoming more confident and are learning important values.”

Lil' Dragons Kids Karate

5 stars. April 2017

“…I started the Teens Hapkido classes almost two and half years ago and the experience has been incredible. By far the most important contribution to my life has been the way THA has built up my character in a more positive way and then continues to reinforce this...”

Teen Martial Arts

5 stars. March 2017.

“…I had never attempted martial arts before in my life … I’m in my 30s. I was greeted by a wonderful, welcoming community! I have met many like-minded people of all ages. The culture is humble and kind. I never feel discouraged. The workouts are amazing, and the classes are just right. You have to check this place out. You won’t be disappointed!”

Martial Arts Self Defense Classes

5 stars. March 2017.

T.H.A Martial Arts reviews

“…The fitness kickboxing class is a great, intense, fast-paced workout. There’s so much variety in the drills that you never get bored and the hour is over before you know it. Lots of cardio, abs, and enough punching and kicking to let off some steam. And the instructors are awesome. I’d totally recommend it for people looking to improve their fitness level and/or lose weight.”

Kickboxing Classes

5 stars. January 2017.

kids martial arts toronto reviews

“…Not only has there been a notable boost in self confidence and academic performance, both boys have gained such a sense of accomplishment and pride… I have noted a dramatic drop off in meltdowns… The staff is unbelievably involved with each of the students, addressing each child and parent by name and supporting & encouraging growth and development on an individual basis.”

Hapkido Children's Martial Arts Program

5 stars. June 2016.

muay thai toronto reveiws

“I joined the Muay Thai classes last January and it’s been a great experience! The classes provide a solid mix of cardio/conditioning and fighting technique that often leaves me pleasantly exhausted. The instructors seem genuinely interested in your progression and are always available to answer questions. The other students are also quite friendly and the more experienced students typically help you with your form if they notice anything you can improve on.”

Muay Thai Training

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Children, Kids, and Teen Martial Arts Programs

Lil’ Dragons Karate for Kids (ages 4 – 7).

kids karate classes

We keep classes exciting and engaging for the kids while helping them develop invaluable life skills that give them a head start in life. Your child’s laser-like focus, inner potential, and unshakeable confidence are just a few Kids Karate classes away.

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Martial Arts for Kids (ages 8 – 12).

childrens martial arts classes

It’s more than just punching and kicking! Our Kids Martial Arts program offer age-appropriate Martial Arts lessons that nurture positive character development, great social skills, while targeting the various stages of development in kids ages 8 to 12.

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Classes for Teenagers (ages 13 – 17).

youth kickboxing classes

We created a nuturing environment where Toronto High School Teenagers can have the time of their lives while getting physically fit, learning to keep safe, and are mentored by positive role model instructors.

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Adult Self Defense, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai Programs

Fitness Kickboxing Classes.

kickboxing classes

Using innovative cross-fit circuit drills and kick boxing moves on a punching bag, the classes provide the most exciting, up-beat calorie burning workout for your time. It’s the last total-body workout you’ll ever need.

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Self Defense Classes.

self defense classes

Discover a well rounded mixed martial arts system with a beautiful symphony of strikes, ground submissions, dynamic kicks, sneaky joint locks, with effortless throws and takedowns. Empowering, rewarding, well structured, tons of fun, and definitely beats going to a gym.

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Muay Thai Classes.

Muay Thai classes

Our Muay Thai classes offer a safe, non-violent, and fresh approach to one of the world’s hottest combat sports. Classes are beginner friendly; offer technical skill development, self defense combat applications, and a well-structured progressive rank system.

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Got Questions?

Give us a call: (416)440-2828

We are happy to assist with your questions and help get you started with one of our awesome classes.

Services We Provide:

Our martial arts program offerings include:

  • Martial Arts classes for adults.

  • Fitness Kickboxing classes.

  • Korean Jiu Jitsu and ground grappling lessons.

  • Self Defense lessons for men and women.

  • Age appropriate Kids Martial Arts classes.

  • Lil’ Dragon Kids Karate classes

  • Muay Thai training.

  • March Break & Summer Camps.

Our business location services communites close to Leaside, Don Mills, Davisville, Mount Pleasant, East York, North York, Yonge-Eglinton, and Rosedale areas. The services that describe what we offer as listed on Google would include:

3 week trial