Parents, what would a Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, or Jiu-Jitsu North York school
offer kids that is different from any other after-school activity?

Most programs teach skills that are great for life skills.

Martial Arts teaches life skills that also provide them with great skills.

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Our kids programs are beginner-friendly and require no prior experience to join. At Evoke, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of training methods and instruction across all our fitness and adult martial arts programs.

Teens | Ages 13 – 16

Our teen classes offer a positive environment that empowers them emotional and physically, while at the same time helping build skills that set them up for success.

Teenagers learn a martial arts blend of Muay ThaiHapkido , Kickboxing and Korean Jiu-jitsu North York school.


Kidz | Ages 8 – 12

The curriculum at Evoke offer more than pragmatic norms of karate, taekwondo, or jiu-jitsu for kids.

We incorporate age-appropriate martial arts lessons that nurture positive character development, great social skills, and builds confidence.


Lil’ Dragons | Ages 4 – 7

Paying attention, believing in themselves, and self-discipline are just a few of the values nurtured in our Lil’ Dragons program.

We do this using an industy-leading kids curriculum that is age-appropriate, well-organized, and tons of fun.

summer camp

March Break & Summer Camps

Our kids Day Camps are an excellent choice for March Break and Summer Camp options.

We offer an action-packed week full of exciting activities, educational field trips, life-skills workshops, and martial arts fun.

There is no experience needed to participate, and we ensure that our camps are well-staffed, safe, tons of fun.

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karate birth party toronto

Birthday Parties

Make your child’s birthday extra special with our one-of-a-kind Karate Birthday Party.

We take away all the hassles and headaches for parents!

It’s a 2-hour action packed party where all you have to do is show up, relax, and enjoy the day with your child. Spots are limited for this popular event. Reserve early!

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We organize our classes by age and skill level on other to offer an optimal learning experience for your child.

To do this, we created seperate class for our little ones, older kids, and even teenagers. Unlike many karate, taekwondo, or jiu-jitsu north york schools we offer age-appropriate lesssons that targets your child’s stages of development.

We believe that martial arts help build a well-rounded individual.

The training at Evoke Martial Arts is guided by black belt principles of humility, excellence, leadership, and mastery. Each lesson also incorporates life skills that offer more than a jiu-jitsu submission, taekwondo kick, karate block, or any martial arts technique.

We love what we do, and have fun.

Using the concept of edutainment, developed with the input of child education specialists, our kids classes offer a solid martial arts foundation using fun-based learning.

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